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Regional - specific fiber info for New England and New York. Spinning, knitting, crochet, and more
This community is regional - specific fiber info for New England (and some close states, such as New York). Created for all of the fiber arts, especially spinning, and her practitioners. Feel free to join or subscribe via RSS.

My hope is that people will post information here on what they sell/make, opportunities to see and buy it, and courses/workshops/fiber festivals that are available in New England, New York and surrounding areas. Please tell us what you know!

Right hand column has links to some regional fiber festivals and events. This post also lists more regional fiber events. Other events get posted nearer to when they occur. Please feel free to post events that come to your attention!

Please place images that are larger than 500 pixels in any dimension behind the cut, as well as any images beyond the first one.

Tagging your entries with location state abbreviation and other relevant tags will make it easier for all to search.
These are the current tags:
blog, class, crochet, dyeing, festival, guild info, handspun yarn, knitting, promote, spinning, vegan, weaving, website, workshop, and state abbreviations: ct, ma, me, nh, ny, ri, vt, 2008.

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