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knitters wanted by 10.22 for event on 11.10.13
stoneleafmoon wrote in ne_fiber

reposted from elsewhere:

The Worcester Art Museum is currently looking for knitters to participate in our November 10th Community day titled, “Winter Warm Up.” This will be a day to celebrate the colors of the season with artmaking activities, live music, gallery tours, and much more. We want to add knit bombing (knitting around objects like chairs, railings, etc.) as well as knitting demonstrations.

If interested in participating as a knit bomber or demonstrator, please contact me, Victoria Hall, Public Events Coordinator at 508-799-4406 ext. 3150 or at Knitters must be confirmed by Tuesday, October 22nd for this event.

Hope to hear from you!

Victoria Hall
Publice Events Coordinator
Worcester Art Museum


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